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Touch attendance

Take attendance for your class directly from your smartphone or tablet! Tap on a student's picture to update their status... it's that simple.

Information security

Hall Monitor’s integration with Microsoft’s Azure AD Single Sign-On ensures the security of student information

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Learn more about Hall Monitor’s Student Centric approach and how it facilitates Access to Student Information Systems.

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Dealing with Disruptive Classroom Behavior

There are many types of students and there are many types of disruptions in your classroom but they are all tied to the same 5 types of students with the same typical behaviors. So what can be done to conquer their disruptive behavior?

Spring break isn't just for students!

Spring Break is coming. We dream of this time for so long but when it finally comes we waste it away catching up on the house chores, doing more work, binge-watching Netflix or sleeping the day away. Next thing you know, Spring Break is over,

The Ultimate Teachers’ Resource Post

We have compiled 15 of the most useful websites for the teachers of today. From basic lesson planning to quizzes and media editing, you will find it all here.

The EMSB experience.

The EMSB began working with Hall Monitor in June of 2012 on the development of an App to facilitate access to the student information system for our principals. As App development was new to us we relied on Hall Monitor to guide us through the process. Their responsiveness to our needs, customer service and professionalism made this first foray into this area not only easy but also a resounding success.

Collaborative Mobile Information Management For Professionals Supporting Special Needs Students.

KiDS is a mobile information management application created specifically for special needs student services professionals to keep track of student documentation, progress and unique needs.

Using KiDS live