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Hall Monitor through Microsoft School Data Sync(SDS)

Working in conjunction with the Microsoft Education Team, the Hall Monitor application is now accessible through Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS). Hall Monitor gives your education professionals access to important student information anytime and anywhere, from any mobile device. So if your school board or district is using Microsoft School Data Sync, your teachers and education professionals can use the Hall Monitor application to access information quickly and easily. Microsoft School Data Sync connects Hall Monitor to your Student Information System (SIS), which means there is no integration needed and users can log in through the Azure AD Single Sign-on with their same credentials from Office 365.

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Microsoft School Data Sync and App Partners

Microsoft’s School Data Sync helps to automate the process of importing and integrating school Student Information System data. Applications that support School Data Sync can be used by schools without need for lengthy integration to access Student Information System data.

So for all App partners, the Microsoft School Data Sync handles the connection with the School’s database, eliminating the need for integration with the school’s Student Information System. This permits schools to use multiple applications without the headache of multiple integrations.

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Benefits of Hall Monitor through School Data Sync

No Integration Required

Integrating external applications with School Information Systems can be both complicated and lengthy, often affecting the decision of whether or not to use an app. Because Microsoft School Data Sync serves to link Hall Monitor to your SIS, this is no longer an issue – making the decision to use Hall Monitor an easy one.

Quick & Easy Access

Because Hall Monitor supports Microsoft School Data Sync, if your school has implemented School Data Sync, then accessing Hall Monitor is as easy as 1-2-3!

Hall Monitor and Information Access

Learning Apps are great for teaching but education professionals often need non-teaching information from the school SIS in order to make informed decisions. This is why Hall Monitor is a must have APP – especially since it can be accessed through SDS. Take advantage now by adding Hall Monitor to your SDS directory and give your education professionals access to important student information whenever and wherever the need arises – in the halls, in the school yard or in a meeting – without wasting their time accessing and searching for data in the SIS.

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