Build a Better Teacher-Student Relationship Today!

As a new teacher we always dream of the differences we will make in our students’ lives. How we will inspire them, fill them with passion for knowledge and how we will overcome the quirky little differences to create the perfect classroom where children sing songs together, help each other out of tough situations, become better people and all of this is thanks to you!

Sadly the reality rarely matches the Hollywood stories and we are left disheartened, frustrated and questioning our own abilities.

But all it really comes down to is building a better relationship with your students where they will trust you, rely on you and respect you.

Unless you are a seasoned psychology major, understanding the nuances of hormonal teenage minds, the first attempts at playground politics and at times, unfortunately, repercussions of an abusive home, is pretty much impossible.

So first and foremost, cut yourself some slack!

Today we will talk about how to improve classroom management and in part this can be helped by the new Hall Monitor app. So while we focus on the sociological aspect of building a better teacher-student relationship, the Hall Monitor app will help you with the more practical aspect. Request a demo of the Hall Monitor app today and find out how!

Confrontations happen often and are one of the most dreaded occurrences in the classroom. They can be between two students, a group of students or even involve the teacher him/herself. Such confrontations can escalate quickly leaving you feeling powerless, frustrated and filled with anxiety. The key here is to stay calm, be fair and allow both parties to be heard without putting them down and encourage resolution as a group, thus dispelling the tense energy and allowing each student to feel heard and valued. Even if you are the one against whom the argument is mounted, you will still come out with newly earned dignity and respect.

Listening vs Hearing is something that even we as adults struggle with but children are much more intuitive when it comes to recognizing if they are being heard or listened to. More often than not, even with our own children we tend to do more hearing than listening which does nothing for child’s validation or self-confidence. Learn to listen.

Sometimes it is what it is. Do not degrade your student in front of their peers by questioning their excuses for not doing the job well if at all. If they are lying, it is simply to avoid getting into trouble. By speaking to them one-on-one about the subject, situation at home, friends, etc., you will soon find the cause for their sub-par performance and once you have their trust and this information, you can work together on improving their performance.

Remember the time when you were their age. Sometimes we get so caught up in our job, delivering the class well, keeping everything organized and on point, managing the class clowns vs the jocks vs the quiet ones that we forget what it actually is like to BE them. Look back at your own school years, how did you feel? What did you lack? What do you wish you were given, told, allowed to do that would have made all the difference? Look at your students as individuals with small little universes growing within them. Recognize their uniqueness, fragility and beauty and your students will blossom under your touch.

The Hall Monitor app allows you to have access to the students but it also allows the students to have access to you. Being available and approachable can make all the little difference needed for a child.

Sign up for your free demo today and begin building the kind of teacher-student relationship you have always dreamed of!