Digital Student Management System: See How a Savvy App is Developing a Stronger Tie Between Parents and Teachers!

Be it in a boardroom or in a classroom, communication is key to success.  With the emergence of new technologies one may think that communication is a given.  Not so!  If anything, technology has found a way to destroy our communicational skills.  We speak a lot about being an intertwined society but are we really?  Is technology helping or destroying the development of our children?  These are questions we need answered!

Digital Student Management System:  A piece of helpful tech?

Unlike other apps and platforms that actually create wedges between different groups of people a Digital Student Management System can be a life saver for your little ones.  Ineffective communication leads to a message being misunderstood and this can develop a disastrous situation as well as develop a feeling of frustration.

A Digital Student Management System helps both parents and teachers be on the same level.  How many times have you wished you could have some type of feedback on your child’s advancement in the classroom?

Everyday, classrooms across the country are getting fuller and fuller by the minute.  Over worked teachers and jam packed classrooms have made it difficult for one on one interactions between parents and teachers leading to the negligence of student development.  So what’s the solution?

Digital Student Management System to the rescue!

“Mobile Access to student, classroom and teacher information, anytime and anywhere, from any mobile device!”  How does that sound? 

This is exactly what every teacher needs in this day and age to succeed in their field.  The power of a Digital Student Management System in the palm of their hand!  The Hall Monitor App (catchy name right?) includes the following features to ensure that every student is properly tracked and assessed:

Microsoft Azure AD Single Sign-on: We know how important a child’s personal information can be. Through the use of AD single Sign on you can ensure strict security when accessing the app.

Easy UI:  Hall Monitors Graphical Navigation makes it a breeze to navigate between Student, Teacher, Classroom, Attendance and School Information

Quick and Easy:  There are hundreds of things an educator has to run through their head on a daily basis.  Our goal is to relieve some of that stress not add to it.  Our quick and easy access allows educators to deal with some of the most common situations:

  • A student in the Hallway
  • An injured student
  • Meetings between education professionals
  • Field Trips
  • And Much More!

Whether you’re a Preschool or a High School the Hall Monitor App is right for your educational institution.  Check out our Digital Student Management System and see the benefits that you could be providing your school today!