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App Features

Hall Monitor’s features simplify access to student information. From permissions and authentication to visuals, ease of use and rapid access, the app facilitates the daily work of education professionals.

Quick & Easy Access

Facilitating access to student information is what Hall Monitor is all about. The app provides education professional with quick and easy access to the information they need, wherever they may be – so they can keep students in class and not waste the time searching for information.

Hall Monitor puts access to student information at the fingertips of Education professionals so they can quickly and easily deal with any situation, including:

Hall Monitor on the iPhone

A student in the hallway

Confronted with an unfamiliar student in a school hallway, with 2 taps a teacher or principal can access the student’s complete schedule, ensuring the student gets to class and the they both get on with their day. No walking back to the office to check, no lost time for the student or for the education professional.

An injury in the school yard

In this situation Hall Monitor gives instant access to emergency contact information, to notify parents, as well as the ability to immediately place a call to emergency responders, all without having to leave the school yard, with unattended students, or send a student to the office to get this information, interrupting the work of office staff, who may be busy with another student.

Meetings between education professionals

In discussions about a student achievement or individualized education program, all the required student information is quickly accessible, regardless of where the meeting is taking place. Additionally, should it be determined that a student’s parents need to be consulted, Hall Monitor provides instant access to contact information, so an email can be sent immediately, directly from the app.

Field Trips

Should any incident occur on a field trip, Hall Monitor provides instant access to student information, eliminating the need to contact the school office to have them search for information. This can be crucial in the event of an emergency.

Touch attendance.

With Touch Attendance, teachers can can take attendance directly from their smartphone or tablet with the tap of a finger. No more paper based attendance or software that does not update into the SIS.

Preset “present” status also means faster more intuitive attendance taking. A simple tap changes the “present” status to “absent” and tap and hold allows for additional options, such as notes (for justified absences or any other message to be noted).

Learn more about Touch Attendance
Hall Monitor on the iPhone
Birthdays with Hall Monitor


Each day teachers can view which students are celebrating their birthdays. This is a great way to make each student feel special, with a birthday wish.

Stdent Flags with Hall Monitor

Student Flags

Student profiles display flags to indicate any critical health issues or allergies. This is key to allowing education professionals to quickly assist a student in need.

Student Memos with Hall Monitor

Student Memos

Student profiles also display any memos that are deemed important. These can help education professionals understand a student’s situation. For example, a memo indicating a death in the family or the separation of a student’s parents may explain a change in the student’s behaviour.

Look up a student

Active Classrooms

Classes currently in session at any given time or the status of a specific classroom can be viewed. This feature is especially useful for fire drills and emergencies or to check room availability for meetings.

List of classrooms on windows

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