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KiDS is a mobile information management application created specifically for special needs student services professionals to keep track of student documentation, progress and unique needs.

By simplifying the process by which professionals manage and share information about the students in their care, KiDS improves communications between specialists and parents and ultimately enhances the support given to special needs students.

KiDS provides secure mobile access to student information systems, as well as to consent forms, reports and recommendations. Accessible via web portal on any desktop or mobile device, including all popular tablets, the KiDS app facilitates the efforts of student services professionals in schools – from Kindergarten through to Grade 12, including:

  • Principals
  • Occupational therapists
  • Guidance conselors
  • Psychologists
  • Speech and language pathologists

Any professionals supporting the needs of students with special needs

Student Profiles

Student Profiles provide all pertinent student information. Because the KiDS App is student centric, a student’s information whether historical marks, attendance records or memos, can be viewed on one screen. Student information presented as a multi-year snapshot results in huge time savings for education professionals

Report Generation

Report generation allows for documents to be generated by the app rather than manually. The conversion of manual documents to digital means reports can be submitted more easily and the documents can be referenced quickly.

Student Services

Student Services keeps track of the services which are assigned to each student. This list includes guidance counselors, speech pathologists, psychologists and any specialists who are involved with the student. Specialists can access this list to view who else is involved with a particular student.

Student Interventions

Student Interventions track all interventions of a particular student. Every time something happens that concerns that student, it is documented as an intervention. This history of interventions for each student provides valuable information not only for historical progression but also so a counselor who wants to meet with a parent can go in and see what meetings or interventions have taken place.


  • View student information: special coding and requirements, marks, schedule, contact details for other professionals or parents/guardians, individualized education plans, reports, consent forms etc.
  • Include additional notes on students, as required
    • Meeting notes for collaboration with other professionals or parents
  • Report, document and fill out forms within the app
  • Report and document formats can be modified and customized by authorized administrators
  • Search for students or groups of students based on school, class/course or grade-level
  • Restrict what information each user can access/view or edit – through User Management add-on
  • Simplified reporting available – for submission of cases for additional government funding


  • Centralized and secure mobile reporting and documentation
    • Case reviews and interventions are more easily traceable and accessible
  • Enables better communications
    • Between authorized specialists who work in collaboration to assist students
    • Between authorized specialists and parents/guardians
  • Reduces time spent on administrative tasks
    • Auto-populates form fields wherever possible
    • Everything is accessible from the palm of your hand and on any device
  • Easy to use; intuitive
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It has been a great experience to develop KiDS with emAPP. They are very professional to work with, and what I appreciate the most is their ability to actively listen to our needs. It is amazing how they were able to create the app from scratch and develop it into something incredible.

I can see how the KiDS application has positively impacted the work in the department, and how it is changing the way we work together as a team.

English Montreal
School Board

Julie René de Cotret,
Assistant Director,
Student Services

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