5 tips on how teachers can improve their work-life balance

“Why did you choose to be a teacher?” is a question most educators are asked frequently by others and at some point in their life, they ask a similar, slightly discouraged version of this question themselves. “WHAT am I doing here??? Have I lost my mind??”

Education is a noble profession yet most teachers, just like most parents, have one great fear “what if I am not good enough? What if instead of nurturing, educating and developing, I mess up this child’s life?!”

But as the famous saying goes “charity starts at home”

To be a successful and memorable teacher you need to have passion for your profession, passion for your subject and passion for molding young minds in a kind, patient, insightful way.

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Meanwhile we have prepared top 5 tips on how you can improve your work – life balance, tips Plato himself would wish he had when he founded the first academy for learning!

  1. Take good care of yourself – If you are fit and healthy, both, physically and mentally, you will be able to perform better in the classroom and do your best for the pupils. By taking good care of your physical health you will find yourself taking less sick days and being more present in your classroom. By balancing out your mental state with yoga, meditation and mindfulness, you will handle stress and classroom management with a cool approach creating a safe and stable learning environment for your students
  2. Take ownership – By stepping out of the “victim” mentality and taking ownership of your power as an educator, you will always find that extra way to put a little bit more effort into supporting a child with special educational needs, trying to close the gap between boys and girls, or pupils on free school meals and others.
  3. Make friends with Chronos – We always complain that there aren’t enough hours in the day and end up taking the work and the stress of the job home with us which in turn affects our own family. By learning to prioritize and using your time at the school well you will be able to do the important tasks first, the rest just isn’t that important and can be done the next day. Over exhaustion has never made anyone a better teacher, employee, partner or parent.
  4. YOU matter – When we feel stressed, anxious or depressed we tend to shy away from social events. But the importance of connecting with the people around you (your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors) and actively building these relationships/creating a support network is extremely important for your mental wellbeing.
  5. You are not Superman – It is OK to need help, it is OK to be weak, it is OK to not always be on top of things. However what is not OK is keeping it all bottled up and be ashamed to speak out and ask for assistance. It is most important that you feel confident to speak out if you feel overwhelmed.

Work-life balance is all about balancing your work and your home life against each other, in accordance with your priorities. For many teachers this can be a difficult task. We hope the 5 pointers we have provided above will help you improve your personal and professional state.

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