Enhance Campus Safety with Easy-to-Use Student Management App

Every day, you strive to ensure your campus stays safe, and the Hall Monitor student management app can help you with this crucial mission. The Hall Monitor mobile app is a great complement to your school’s emergency response plan and makes it easier for teachers and administrators to tap into student management system software.

This convenient student management app can be accessed anytime and anywhere via smartphone, laptop, or tablet. When you see an unfamiliar student in the hallway, you will be able to quickly tap into the list of student information systems to view his or her schedule.

When all students are accounted for, it is easier to safely and efficiently conduct lockdowns and other safety drills when an unknown person is on campus.

With the Hall Monitor app, you can simplify and accelerate your access to student information in order to make your classroom management strategies even more effective.

Deliver Peace of Mind to Students and Parents with an Intuitive App

When a crisis arises on campus, students and parents rely on school administration officials and teachers to relay important information. Armed with technology-based classroom management resources, you will be able to share as much information as necessary to provide a safe learning environment.

The intuitive Hall Monitor app’s graphic-based screen allows you to easily transition from student to teacher to classroom and other selections. This can save you the time and stress of having to log in to a student information system on a computer, wait for the program to load, and click through different screens to access important data. Additionally, you won’t have to rush to the administration office to tap into the list of student information systems.

High-tech security surveillance systems and other equipment are important for monitoring and identifying visitors who could pose a threat to a campus. However, the Hall Monitor app conveniently puts uncomplicated technology into the hands of teachers and administrators.

Offer Immediate Health Information During Safety Incidents

As education professionals, you not only manage the flow of students, staff, and visitors to your campus, you must also supervise and promote safety in a wide range of unforeseen circumstances. For example, when a student is injured on the playground, in the classroom, or on a field trip, you need the best technology-based classroom management resources to contact the child’s parents and emergency personnel. The Hall Monitor mobile app provides you with an instant link to emergency contact information and the ability to call emergency responders. Communicate on the spot without having to leave students unsupervised.

Developed with school administration officials and teachers in mind, the Hall Monitor app will bring your classroom management strategies to a whole new level. You will appreciate the ease with which you can communicate with parents about their children’s health status if they are involved in a school bus accident, for example. Hall Monitor lets you reassure and update parents about their children’s well-being from a bus, hospital, or any other location.

The following are just some of the ways the Hall Monitor mobile app will streamline your safety measures:

  • It offers easy-to-view and easy-to-use graphical navigation regardless of condition or location
  • The student management app gives you instant access to pupils’ contact information
  • The app incorporates Microsoft’s Azure AD single sign-on access to ensure the confidentiality and security of student information
  • The attendance feature includes a preset “present” status for quicker, more intuitive attendance taking