Spring break isn’t just for students!

Spring Break is coming, even if the calendar was blank, the glassy-eyed wistful stares out of the window would alert you that it is indeed near. But come on, teacher, snap out of it, focus! There are still few more weeks to go so eyes back on the class!

We dream of this time for so long but when it finally comes we waste it away catching up on the house chores, doing more work, binge-watching Netflix or sleeping the day away. Next thing you know, Spring Break is over, you are a few pounds heavier and somehow even more exhausted than before it.

Let’s fix that, shall we?

First, download the FREE demo of the new Student management system courtesy of Hall Monitor to begin acquiring your state of Zen before Spring Break gets here by having better control over your student information management.

Second, promise yourself to actually do something for yourself this time, not the house, not the family and not the ever mounting work responsibilities.

While most websites will advise you to sleep in, read a whole book, bake a cake, fix up the house, etc…unless your passion is baking, reading or fixing, I would strongly advise against that.

Ever wonder how students can go off on Spring Break, do 1,001 things, barely sleep, eat junk and still come back rejuvenated and happy? Yes, age has a lot to do with it but also the fact that they do all the things they don’t normally get to do during the school year. They don’t play video games all day, or clean their room or go shopping or watch movies until the sun comes up (ok well some do but those you can usually smell a mile away.).

Students today travel, learn new skills, make new friends and go to new places. They do things that challenge, flex and grow their inner universe and come back all the better for it. Change and challenge is the key!

So what can you do?

  1. Take up early morning running with your dog or yoga with your cat.
  2. Take long evening walks before bedtime and then enjoy a luxurious bath with relaxing music.
  3. Read a book or self-help articles over a leisurely morning coffee and meditate on them throughout the day as you hike up a mountain, stroll through a park with ice-cream or sit on the river bank devouring sandwiches.
  4. Clean out the clutter from your home, open all windows, blast the music and dance around with wine, who cares that it’s only noon?! It’s Spring Break!
  5. Go have a picnic in the park with your friends, bring Frisbee, painting supplies or some nerf guns.
  6. Have a dinner party and dress up. Don’t feel like cooking? Go to that super expensive restaurant you have always wanted to try.
  7. Check out cheap flights, preferably out of the country. Go alone, go with friends, go with a partner, just GO!
  8. Spend as much time outside as possible, all that fresh air, vitamin D and action will fight off the eye bags building up over the semester.

Imagine coming back from Spring Break with better stories, better pictures and more energy than your students?! It’s all possible! You just have to stop being so damn “adult”! You owe it to yourself, after all, the spring is here!

And when you get back, let the Student management system from Hall Monitor help you keep that balance and tranquility in the classroom and on school outings. To find out how, request your FREE demo today!